Specializing in: Cakes, Cupcakes, Mini Desserts, Sweet Trees & more

We lovingly handcraft our cakes and desserts, baking and preparing them to perfection to give you the most deliciously luxurious cupcakes and desserts around. We style our cupcakes and desserts in fresh and exciting ways so they not only taste good but look gorgeous too. 

Only the finest ingredients are used and our carefully crafted team of bakers, make and prepare fresh cakes and desserts every day so that you get quality, light, fluffy cupcakes and desserts every time. We use natural ingredients, free-range eggs, and no preservatives and we do not keep any ready made products ‘on stock’ as we want to ensure every cake and dessert is fresh and tasty. 


Have a cupcake or dessert idea? If it’s do-able, we will do it! We can also make hugely popular Wedding Cupcake or Mini Cake Towers.

In addition we also make mini desserts, beautiful mini cakes, yummy chocolate cupcakes, cake truffles, sweet trees and nappy cakes for all occasions!